High Pressure Cleaning

Building Facades

Our method is different to others: We have Truck mounted Pressure cleaners with portable water, we are able to operate from our Truck unit pumping High pressure water up, and cleaning your entire building using our quality equipment. We have a spotter on site at all times, and at the end of each day we pack everything away. Other contractors do things in reverse, they mount the pressure cleaners from the roof, but water pressure is low, and the spotter must stay up on the roof, and as a result cannot manage safety issues on the ground in relation to pedestrians, and on site contractors. We pride ourselves on supplying Quality equipment along with innovation which is channelled through many years of experience to deliver Safety, Quality, and Affordable prices to fit you budget.

Ground Surfaces

We have the ability to efficiently clean Driveways, Pathways, Walls, Signage, and all surfaces.
Our range of products are specific, and environmentally safe for removing Graffiti, grease and oil stains, Black tyre marks, Mould, Lichen and the like, and we are able to apply Anti mould treatments upon request.

Anti Mould Treatments

We can apply anti mould treatments to prolong the life of your assets. Meaning that you don’t have to clean these areas as much, they look better for longer, this equates in the area of safety and cost savings, as no mould means no slip, the areas look so much cleaner. And you don’t need to clean them as often. Generally speaking these treatments will last for 12 months before the need to re-apply.
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