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High Pressure Cleaning – Residential

Pressure Cleaning Logan Pressure Cleaning Brisbane: Driveways, Pathways, Roofs, Retaining Walls, Fences

The transformation is amazing!!. We High pressure clean these areas giving them a new “Lease of Life.” We have a number of truck mounted pressure cleaners, steam units, and 1500 litres of portable water, so no job is out of our capabilities. We specialise in Driveway Pressure cleaning Brisbane, Logan City, and surrounding areas, we are able to clean your areas efficiently and affordably. With products for Graffiti removal, grease and oil stains, Black tyre marks, Mould, Lichen and the like.

Anti Mould Treatments

We can apply anti mould treatments to prolong the life of your assets. Meaning that you don’t have to clean these areas as much, they look better for longer, this equates in the area of safety and cost savings, as no mould means no slip, the areas look so much cleaner. And you don’t need to clean them as often. Generally speaking these treatments will last for 12 months before the need to re-apply.

Pathways, Driveways, Retaining Walls

Mould and algae exist because of continued moisture, especially in shaded areas. Concrete and tiles absorb moisture, and the predictable result is black or green mould, or Lichen. These can become a slip hazard, as well as looking unsightly, and reduce the natural life of the product. Our professional mould removal techniques are able to remove this, and once these products are sealed, they no longer absorb moisture, and the result is a product that keeps its natural look, is safe to walk on, and lasts a lifetime, Yes it will still require cleaning, but only to remove the normal dust, dirt, bird dropping etc, the difference is that the dirt will only sit on top, rather than seeping into the product, and all that is required is quick a rinse of, rather than an intense high pressure clean. We are able to remove Mould From Ceiling bathroom areas, fixing rising damp problems.