Protective Coatings

Protective Coatings Natural stone

Kitchen and Bathroom Areas

Our Range of Sealants completely Seal your natural stone products, protecting them from moisture damage, harsh cleaning chemicals, whilst repelling bacteria, preventing it from breeding in the product, and making cleaning so much easier, at the same time enhancing the natural grain, and beauty of this unique product. Nano Particles are so minute, they cannot be seen by the naked eye, the particles bond to the surface and form an invisible, protective shield, ensuring the product will serve you in its original form for its intended life.

X550 Carpark Warehouse

Formulated for Carpark areas. Warehouses, Exterior concrete surfaces

Our range of products have the following qualities:

Outdoor Areas Tiled areas /paved Areas

Pathways, Building entries, Carpark areas, Swimming pool / BBQ paved areas are usually the busiest trafficable areas, and also affected affected by aggressive contaminants such as Oil staining, corrosive chemicals such as salts, Chlorine, sometimes acid, and rising damp. Sandstone and Limestone, and other natural products look beautiful, but due to their soft texture and absorption of moisture: require a protective sealant to prevent degradation. We thoroughly clean the surfaces beforehand, thereby providing the product with maximum absorption qualities, then we apply the sealant. These products are sealed with a hydrophobic penetrating Nano Sealant, and once cured, will begin to repel these aggressive chemicals, and Oils, that would normally destroy these products.
Protects against:

Nano Coatings for Glass

Applications: Awning glass, glass handrails, Tower windows, Swimming Pool areas.
Glass is porous in nature, and unless treated will almost certainly become affected by some degree of Hard water and Efflorescent staining. Our Nano Coatings for glass work really well on all types of glass, but especially on flat glass awnings, reducing the need for cleaning maintenance, and prolonging the life of these products.
There is a Fourfold benefit to applying our NanoKote products:
We can provide you with sound advice in this area, as different buildings require a different solution, and Budgets are a major consideration when considering long term solutions.