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Our window cleaners are experienced in using Building Maintenance Units (BMU’s). we take great care of your Building Assets, ensuring safety over expediency not only making sure that the BMU is treated with respect, but equally ensuring that exclusion zones are in place, and that our Height safety issues are fully complied with in accordance with your Best practices, Workplace Health and Safety Regulations and Australian Standards, Giving you peace of mind as a Building Manager that SAFETY is achieved for your clients, the General Public and your respective contractors.

We offer fixed price contracts that allow for ongoing BMU training inductions, and CPI’s, this gives you the ability to forecast accurate yearly budgets. We are fully height safety trained. In accordance with our “Duty of Care” we report on any defects, or safety issues in relation to building defects that have the potential to become safety issues i.e. loose flashing that can’t be seen from the ground. We take photos and provide a brief report to Management.

Industrial Rope Access (Abseiling)

Our workers are Trained in all aspects of Industrial Twin Rope Access. We strictly adhere to the relative Australian Standards, which in this case is: AS/NZ 4488:1997. As a Company we are affiliated with: Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), we have had a close relationship with them for over 20 years, and they provide strong infrastructure to promote the Rope Access industry in relation to Rope Access, and Height Safety, Ongoing training ensures that our employees are acquiring new skills, whilst refreshing the skill set they already have. Mandatory training is every 3 years, Rope Access Techs start off at Level 1, and progress to level 3. Our Jobs are supervised by level 3 Tech, and Generally, there are mixtures of level 3’s 2’s and 1’s on a given job depending on the size, and difficulty of the job.

Elevated Work Access (EWP)


We have the ability and experience to advise you of the safest, and most cost- method to access, and maintain your Building, and Building Assets. We Hire our equipment from Reputable Suppliers, and our “Scale to Economy” means that we get really good rates, which we pass on to our valued clients. We are able to provide access to Internal and External Foyers, External Building Facades. 340 Adelaide St, Brisbane is one example whereby the Building has an under hang 8 stories high, So Access to this area requires us to acquire Lane / Footpath closure permits, Hire 2 way traffic control, and Hire a 55 metre Truck Boom. We organise everything for our clients, and the work is undertaken out of Business hours to minimise the impact to our Clients, and their respective Clientele.

Pure Water System: Reverse Osmosis TM (RO)

The Hierarchy of Safety Controls dictate that we use the Industry methods available to ensure the highest level of safety at all times. In many cases the safest way is not always the cheapest, and most times does not produce the best results, but in this instance it is the perfect solution to cleaning high areas Safely, to a good quality at an affordable price.

Safety is paramount, and quality is important, “You’re only as good as your last job” , We can clean most high windows without our feet leaving the ground, We use the latest technology called Reverse Osmosis Pure Water System Tm: This system purifies water running it through 4 filters, thereby removing all minerals and contaminants. We regularly test Town water before running through the filters, and normally it starts out at well over 200 parts per million mineral content, this water will dry on the glass leaving an unsightly mineral residual, and can cause Permanent staining, etching, and irreversible damage to your glass. After Town water comes out of our RO filters it is normally at 0 parts per million, leaving the windows crystal clear, and our customers extremely happy, The benefits are three fold, No added expense of access costs such as boom lifts, abseiling etc, , Low impact to your clients means a seamless service, whilst Safety is greatly increased. We can reach up to 4 Stories (16 Metres), So if your windows are high and out of reach, we certainly have the perfect solution to clean them at an affordable price.