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We get job satisfaction seeing the transformation from old back to new. We will Leave your windows PRISTINE CLEAN inside and out: No mess inside, as we use drop sheets, with skilful techniques to catch any water residue, please let us know if you need your tracks cleaned out, as we can vacuum these out, leaving them looking like brand new. Upon request we can clean your screens.

High Windows


Safety is paramount, and quality is important, “You’re only as good as your last job”, We can clean most high windows without our feet leaving the ground, We use the latest technology called Reverse Osmosis Pure Water System Tm : This system purifies water running it through 4 filters, thereby removing all minerals and contaminants. We regularly test Town water before running through the filters, and normally it starts out at well over 200 parts per million mineral content, this water can dry on the glass leaving an unsightly mineral residual, and can cause Permanent staining, etching, and damage to your glass. After Town water comes out of our RO filters it is normally at 0 parts per million, leaving the windows crystal clear, and our customers extremely happy, The benefits are two fold, no added expense of access costs such as boom lifts, abseiling etc, , whilst Safety is greatly increased. We can reach up to 4 Stories (16 Metres), So if your windows are high and out of reach, we certainly have the perfect solution to clean them at an affordable price.