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In the old Brisbane suburb of Clayfield with its narrow tree-lined streets, homeowners spend thousands of dollars on resurfacing their driveways and repairing damage to their roofs and gutters caused by falling leaves. Debris in gutters and on pathways trap moisture that can cause rot and rust – leading to expensive repairs. At Eco Green Asset Clean, we offer affordable outdoor and indoor cleaning solutions that guarantee 100% satisfaction at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Our focus on quality and safety are evidenced by us training our staff in the latest innovations and safety protocols. We are respected members on the Clayfield community and the quality of our work speaks for itself.

High Pressure Cleaning of Clayfield Homes

Over time, constant exposure to the humid Queensland weather and everyday use your driveways, and pathways more start to take their toll with your outdoor areas starting to age, discolor or rot. Not only can this damage be expensive to fix but it can also decrease the value of your home. The most effective, safest and cheapest way to safeguard your assets is through the use of high pressure washing. Our state-of-the-art pressure washing and nano technology strips away the years of dirt and stains, giving your concrete, paths and retaining walls that brand new look again. Our nano technology sealants, reach into the nooks and crannies to coat your outdoor surfaces with a tough layer of protection. This technology preserves the value of your assets and reduces on-going maintenance requirements.

Got Mould at your Clayfield Home?

Aside from daily use, possible reasons for the discoloration of your outdoor areas are mould and lichen. These unsightly and slippery hazards grow due to moisture being trapped and absorbed on the surfaces of outdoor areas. When sunlight cannot reach down and evaporate this water, mould and lichen proliferate. Our professional mould and lichen treatment seals your outdoor surfaces with a non-slip and long-lasting coating that will keep these nasties at bay for up to 12 months. Not only does Eco Green Asset Clean make sure your assets are as clean as possible, but we also make sure that they stay that way over the long-term and retain their value for years to come. While we’re at your place, why not ask us about our special bundle pricing for high-pressure washing and a mould treatment offered to Clayfield homes to save even more.

Do you Need Window Cleaning in Clayfield?

Windows, especially high and inaccessible ones, are difficult and dangerous to clean. However, these are important to keep spotless as most of the time, they are the first thing that people notice. At Eco Green Asset Clean, we are professional window cleaners with years of experience in cleaning windows insode and outside – high and low. We always make sure our staff follow strict safety precautions to ensure that we clean your Clayfield home without risk to you or your property. Our highly trained staff have backgrounds in rock climbing and are familiar with working at heights on Queenslanders and other house types often found in Clayfield. Our high-pressure washers can safely clean windows up to 16 meters (4 stories) high without our staff ever leaving the ground. We also have our own fit-for-purpose water truck with a capacity of 1,500 litres so there’s no downtime and we can get your job done to the highest standard.

Reverse Osmosis Water System

Council water is not ideal for use in cleaning Clayfield windows as it often contains chemicals and minerals that can be harmful to your glass. To prevent water stains and contaminants from settling on your windows, we use our patented Reverse Osmosis Water System that makes sure water from our high-pressure washers is pure, clean and chemical free. Our team are all highly trained in cleaning glass of all types, including balustrades, and we will ensure they look brand new and stain-free. We also offer patented nano technology glass sealants so you can prolong the lifespan of your windows – saving you money in the long run. This service can also be bundled with our house washing service which uses a non-aggressive method to prevent paint oxidation or damage. Alternatively, you might like to pair it with our gutter cleaning service where we’ll clear your gutting of all organic material that could eventually rot your gutters or become a fire risk. Our chemical-free Reverse Osmosis Water System is also ideal for cleaning delicate solar panels that are sensitive to chemicals and minerals inherent in untreated Council water. Eco Green Asset Clean offers competitive prices and discounts to residents of Clayfield so you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your assets clean and safe.

Eco Green Asset Clean – The First choice for Asset Protection in Clayfield

Eco Green Asset Clean are the best local asset protection company in Clayfield with guaranteed service quality. We pay attention to the smallest detail on every job site – whether commercial or residential. We are able to send out our expert cleaning crew at a moment’s notice so don’t hesitate to call us. For any asset protection or cleaning service in Clayfield, please contact Eco Green Asset Clean today on 0409 625 736 or email

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