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Cleveland and Bayside suburbs benefit from unique picturesque bay views that just seem to extend FOREVER …. The flip side of this idyllic sea change lifestyle is property maintenance. The salty ocean breezes can play havoc with your home’s interior and exterior surfaces. This is where Eco Green Asset Clean come into the landscape.

We cater for all your cleaning needs by providing the following services:

Corrosion Protection for Cleveland Homes

Salt air can be corrosive so periodic washing is actually very cost effective in the way that it cleans and extends the natural life and look of your home. Our lanolin-based products not only remove the build-up of salt, dirt and grime, but also leave an invisible coating that protects, and rejuvenates all household surfaces for months to come.


Stainless Steel Corrosion (Tea tree staining)

We specialise in the cleaning and removal of corrosion from stainless steel. After the cleaning process, we can coat the metal with silicon or stainless-steel oil which will offer temporary protection.

We Use CSIRO Test and Endorsed Nano products

Nano Coatings for Stainless Steel

For clients that want something longer lasting we can offer Nano-Sealants with extensive warranties. We have many years’ experience in this field so send a quote request and we will not only provide you with a detailed quote, but also product information explaining the science behind how these amazing products work.


Nano Coatings for Glass

Glass balustrades around the pool area cop the biggest beating. Salt air, chlorine plus day to day issues can leave your windows stained, and permanently etched. Our nano products form an invisible barrier, shielding the glass from hard water staining

Sealants for Concrete, Tiles and Natural Stones.

You will be amazed at how well these products work. We implement a three stage process before we apply the sealant.

Step 1: Remove alkaline deposits.

Step 2: Remove any acid residue

Step 3: Bring the product to PH neutral, usually by deluging with water.

We then allow the surface to dry thoroughly and we apply the sealant with 2 generous coats as per manufacturer’s warranty requirements. Once completed we issue a warranty guaranteeing product performance. For more information go to our product information page.

Call Eco Green Asset Clean – Your One Stop Cleaning Shop

With our years of experience in the cleaning industry, we have the knowledge to rejuvenate your old and dirty areas – inside and out. Our staff are trained in the latest technologies so you benefit from our up-to-date know-how. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and will work until you’re completely satisfied. For all your cleaning needs, please contact Eco Green Asset Clean today on 0409 625 736 or email Alternatively, please fill in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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Eco Green Asset Clean is licensed by the International Rope Access Trade Association

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